Relax Gaming welcomes the 2022 Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels

Relax Gaming welcomes the 2022 Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels post thumbnail image

In 2022, the Year of the Tiger, Saw Relax Gaming adds another slot title to its extensive portfolio, Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels. As the name suggests, this game was specially designed to usher in the Lunar New Year, celebrated by over two billion people.

Released on 2 March 2022, this slot title became an instant success thanks to its amazing features and, of course, the timing of its release. Praised as one of the best slot games ever, this title reflects ReelPlay’s dynamic engine with outstanding features borrowed from some of the developer’s successful 2021 titles.

Undoubtedly, there is no better way to usher in the Year of the Tiger.


The overall design of the Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reel incorporates the theme of the tiger, which is essentially this year’s animal. In the background is the tiger kingdom, the focal point of which is a temple surrounded by some plants.

In particular, the slot motif may not be incredibly original, but it is properly packaged. The game takes place on a 3×3 panel in a luxurious setting. The game setting also seems to be mostly Asian, but the game transcends the Asian scene.

Game mechanics

Game mechanics

Tiger Kingdom’s action is different from most Infinity Reel slots. If the player lands three matching symbols on all reels, winning combinations are formed. Once the player lands three matching symbols, a re-spin is triggered and the first reel moves to the left, after which the rightmost reel re-spins.

During the re-spin, the falling symbols are collected until a matching symbol is found. And when a matching symbol is found, the value of the collected symbols is awarded. Multiplier symbols 2X, 3X and 4X can be used to enhance the current symbol collection.

Bonus Round

Collecting three or more scattered symbols triggers the bonus round. During this round, a coin and Super Coin symbols appear on the grid, revealing a bet multiplier of up to 100x. 

In addition, the bonus round also features some special symbols that can be used to change the bonus. Some of the special symbols that are triggered during the bonus round are:

  • Collector symbols – the player collects all values from all displayed coin symbols
  • Payer symbols – the player gets the value applied to the three symbols on the reels
  • Sniper symbols – the player triggers a multiplier applied to up to three coin symbols

Tiger Kingdom uses a highly volatile mathematical model with an RTP value of 96.23%. Players can also purchase a bonus by paying a bet of 100X which improves the RTP to 96.83%.



Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reel uses a charming theme that should put any player in a good mood. The game’s calm presence has everything you like, which is further enhanced by activating the Infinity Reels mechanics. Indeed, Relax Gaming is a master at creating blissful gaming environments.

Overall, Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels is a great release that gives the engine series its due priority. While everything falls into place, Infinity Reels skilfully offers generous rewards when everything falls into place.

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