The top globally played sports have multiple markets and selections in various online betting platforms. Sports betting is internationally recognized because these events have fans around the world. Hence, from your 22Bet account, you can place bets on different sports and their various competitions. You have the opportunity to partake in over a thousand events that are taking place daily across each sport. 

Sports betting is an endless rotation of events, with matches played every minute. With online sports betting, there is no rest for the hardworking as there are different intriguing games to stake on. Therefore, you can bet on top sports and competitions like:



Soccer is the sporting event with the highest number of competitions since it is a global sport. Additionally, you are permitted to wager on competitions not held in your nation on online betting services. You have access to some prestigious leagues, like the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Eredivisie, and many others. Also, bettors can bet on cup competitions like the FA cup, Carabao cup, and Copa del Rey. 

With betting on soccer, there is no one left behind, as there is a large selection of odds on the available markets. You can choose from odds like straight winner, handicaps and multi goals bet. 


Tennis tournaments have been successful in drawing a respectable number of bettors. Its high frequency of matches played has spiked many punters’ interest. Top competitions like the US Open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon are played frequently. These competitions attract at least 128 players, with the matches played rising to over 50 plus. 

The odds associated with tennis are decent, with options like a straight winner, set winner, and the number of sets played. 



The NBA is the most-watched basketball competition, with bettors placing bets on its matches on a global level. Each team is to play 82 games in the  NBA season, excluding playoffs, leaving you with multiple betting chances. The most popular betting option, with a high success rate, is over/under.

Exciting Bonus Offers on Online Bookies

Whether a new or a regular customer, sports betting sites have exciting offers on display on their platforms. You receive a welcome bonus with a large prize value when you sign up as a new customer; irrespective of the online sportsbooks joined, you must get a welcome bonus.

Regular customers also get offers like weekend bonuses, Friday reload bonus, and much more. In addition, you also get a birthday gift in the form of bonuses on the date selected as your date of birth. Besides, bonuses and rewards prove to you that the platform is licensed and well-managed. Therefore, it is up to you to make use of the betting opportunities brought about by these exciting offers.

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