Looking For a Massage Chair? What You Need to Know

1. Define Your Needs: Think about how the massage chair will meet your long term needs. There is a tremendous variety of choices of models, makes and features. Start with the areas you are looking for daily relief. Are there certain problem areas, you want to focus on? Next, match the areas with the type of massage that would be most effective. If you are looking for full body massage, see what massage therapy techniques you would enjoy most. If you know the massage types you want this will help get the best massage chair for your needs.

2. Back Pain Relief: Suffering from back pain or discomfort? Massage chair recliners started with back massages and have built a full arsenal of massage therapies for the back. There is the finger press massage for decompressing the cervical discs of the spine. The rollers move up and down the spine gently pressing to relieve pressure. Shoulders and neck can be effectively relieved with a gripping or grasping massage. The rollers provide a gentle squeezing action to relieve built up stress. Lower back pain is effectively relieved with a shiatsu massage.

3. Massage Therapy: Are you familiar with different massage therapy techniques? A little information here goes a long way. Many massage therapies are steeped in long traditions, such as Swedish or Shiatsu or Hawaiian. Deep tissue penetrates deeply into the muscle providing more thorough relief. Shiatsu uses kneading, chopping and acupressure points to help reduce stress and induce relaxation. Hawaiian massage uses light stroking and swaying like waves gently lapping on your back. Try a massage chair recliner and find the ones you like most.

4. Lower Body Massage: Do you enjoy having your feet massaged? The premier massage chair brands deliver reflexology foot massages. The footrest has built in reflexology nodes that gently push up into your reflexology points inducing full body relaxation. Ease those tired feet with the gentle squeeze, hold 출장마사지 and release of the reflexology foot massage. If you sit a lot, then get a buttocks massage. The massage recliner cycles through massaging both hemispheres and also provides vibration therapy to enhance blood circulation. How about a little stretch? There are now chairs that have lower body stretching capability. The footrest holds your feet and then extends out to more positions to stretch your lower back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles

5. Warranty Coverage: Warranty is your future protection, so it makes sense to know enough to get the coverage you require. Massage chair warranties include parts, labor, in home service vs. service center, and shipping expenses. Parts are what areas of the chair are covered and for how long. Labor is when technician time is involved, how much does the factory cover and how long? In home service is having a technician come to your house and repair the product. Finally, more companies are adding this service; make sure the manufacturer covers in home service. Also, shipping expenses for parts or for the entire chair is another factor to evaluate. Some companies are really strict and the chair must be in the original packaging or else you can buy the packaging from them! These are the main warranties areas to know about. Make sure you go with a known brand. I would hate to tell you the stories we have gotten from people who bought a fly by night outfit. One good test is if the massage chair company has retail accounts. If they do not, then who has leverage to make sure the warranty is honored? Most warranties cover parts, labor, in home service vs. service center, and shipping expenses. The difference is what they cover and for how long. Fortune 500 companies make you buy an extended warranty. Compare warranties and costs and find the right protection for you.

It is an exciting time to be looking for a massage chair. The technology is so advanced and the features are very effective. Research into the various massage therapies and find the ones that will most effectively work for you. When you start to find some models, check around for others that match what you want in a chair. The best is always to try the massage recliner, and then you can test its effectiveness directly. Shop around to find the best deal; do not forget to factor in taxes and shipping. Most of all, find a massage chair to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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