Why Buy Real Estate in Brantford ON

If you are looking for a great deal in real estate in Brantford ON, you should be aware of the perks of buying in Brantford ON.

Commuters looking for a reasonably priced option in real estate that is close to their work in either Toronto or Hamilton will find Brantford an ideal ‘bedroom’ community. Brantford is located approximately 90 km. from Toronto (or 56 miles), making it a little over an hour for a commute. In relations to Hamilton, it is only 40 km. (or 25 miles) away making the commute less than half an hour. The highways to both Toronto and Hamilton are top-notch and tend to flow smoothly on most days. In relation to house prices in Toronto or Hamilton, Brantford offers great deals in real estate.

Brantford has more to offer though, than great house prices and its close proximity to Toronto or Hamilton. Brantford is a whole community where there are many perks for the residents. Located on the Grand River, Brantford’s setting is very picturesque and Brantford’s downtown core 토토사이트. is in the process of being up-dated and modernized. The downtown has many businesses and a central courtyard are (Harmony Square) that offers various activities for residents throughout the year. In winter Harmony Square offers free public skating and in summer, various community activities such as concerts and barbeques are open to all.

Brantford also has multiple heritage sites and museums for residents to enjoy. It has over 1,000 acres of park areas, many fitness centers, bike trails and fun splash pads. In short, Brantford has something for the whole family, no matter what you are looking to do.

Brantford also has the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, a facility which is currently undergoing a huge redevelopment and expansion, which will result in a fantastic updated sports complex. This new project will include a new 25 metre pool to complement the existing 65 metre pool, a new dry land training facility, a new fitness centre, a new gymnasium, a new 4-pad arena with a running track, new tennis courts, a new football field and other outdoor amenities. It is truly a special project that will benefit the whole community.

The are also two great golf courses in Brantford for the golf enthusiasts, which offer competitive green fees and excellent full service pro shops. There are also over 60 km. of trails for those people looking for spots to walk or enjoy an outdoor run.

Culture also abounds in Brantford ON. It is home to the Glenhyrst Art Gallery, which houses many beautiful artworks, and which also has a changing display for people to enjoy. The grounds around the Gallery are beautiful and are often the favoured site for many wedding pictures.

Some of the famous historical sites the City has to offer include the Bell Homestead National Historic Site (where the first long distance phone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1874) and the Mohawk Chapel, which is the only Royal Chapel outside of the British Isles. There are other cultural museums and historical sites to discover in Brantford ON as well.

Brantford is a community for everyone. If you are a commuter looking for a great choice and good prices for real estate in Brantford On, it is a good option. If you are looking for a community that has a lot to offer, Brantford is sure to suit you.

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