Hawaii Tours With a Difference

Hawaii has always been a premier tourist destination, famous for its magnificent scenery, warm weather and cultural diversity. When people visit Hawaii they typically partake in the usual activities of swimming on the beautiful beaches, exploring the volcanoes and making the most of the friendly Hawaiian hospitality. There are however, some more unusual activities that tourists can undertake. Outlined below are three Hawaii tours with a difference.

Hawaii shark tours offer tourists an opportunity to interact with the curious Galapagos and Sandbar sharks with their cage diving tours. There are two companies that offer the opportunity to swim with sharks, Hawaii Shark Encounters and North Shore Shark Encounters. Both operate two hours cruises that leave from Oahu North Shore, approximately an hour and half drive away from Waikiki.

The tour operators guarantee passengers that they will see sharks or their money will be fully refunded. Tourists enter a secure cage with large Plexiglas windows kayaking outer, providing great visibility of Hawaii’s sharks. There is also an opportunity to see dolphins, green sea turtles and humpback whales (between November and May).

Hawaii shark tours cater for all ages and have had people as old as 70 and as young as 3 partaking in cage diving. This tour operates daily throughout the year and although it may be an unusual activity and not for everyone’s tastes, and it’s extremely popular.

Most people don’t go to Hawaii to participate in ghost tours; however the Oahu Ghost Tour is very well patronized and has an exceptional reputation as providing a genuine spiritual experience. Hawaiians are extremely superstitious due to their beliefs in demigods such as ‘Pele’, the volcano goddess. Consequently, it’s not surprising that there are strong beliefs in ghosts and other supernatural beings.

The Oahu Ghost Tour operates between Monday and Saturday throughout the year from Waikiki. Children are welcome, although if they are under the age of ten or easily frightened it perhaps isn’t an ideal activity for them to participate in. There are three different tours available: Orbs of Oahu, Sacred Spirits and Honolulu City Haunts. Both Orbs of Oahu and Sacred Spirits are driving tours; Orbs of Oahu is a night tour, while the Sacred Spirits tour operates during the day. Honolulu City Haunts is a night walking tour.

The Oahu Ghost Tour company prides itself in the fact that their tours are not scripted or rehearsed in any way and that they are working on one of the most haunted islands in the world. Tourists are taken to Oahu’s most haunted locations by guides with spiritual connections and exceptional storytelling skills. It is then up to the tour participants to draw their own conclusions about what they saw and heard during the experience.

A Hawaii tour that is very popular is the Home of the Brave Hawaii Victory Tour. This tour takes in all the sights and history of military activity on Hawaii during World War II. Patrons are picked up from Waikiki and taken to famous military sites, including Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, Wheeler Army Airfield, Schofield Army Barracks, Fort Shafter and the Punchbowl National Memorial.

The tour starts early at 6 am to beat the crowds at Pearl Harbor and concludes around 2 pm. Throughout the eight hours tour, guests are told interesting facts and stories about what was happening prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor and events throughout and after World War II.

The tour operates from Monday to Friday throughout the year and invites guests of all ages. Anyone interested in World War II or military history in general will be well catered for during this tour.

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