6-Step Advanced Info Product Creation Formula

For Internet marketing and some affiliate marketing purposes alike, creating your own info products is a must. Internet marketers need their own products to brand themselves and aid their climb to expert status, affiliate marketers need products to use as ‘ethical bribes’ to get people to join their opt-in lists – and by using their own info products they get the added benefit of being able to distribute their affiliate links to more people through the content of the products they create.

Create your salespage for the as-yet-to-be-created info product, be it an e-book, videos, audios, etc. Focus your copy around what relief, i.e. solutions your product gives to the problems your prospects are facing. Stress the benefits, not the features of the product, and work your main keywords in liberally. Just be sure your main focus is on a smooth flow from start to order button, not on getting the very best SEO benefits from the page – always write for humans, not machines. Focusing on the SEO content will break the psychology of the sell – not something you want to do, even though you see that all the time online.

When you have a salespage 레플리카쇼핑몰 that has you salivating to buy the product for $97 or $197, price it at $47 and put the salespage aside.

Now you have an outline for creating your new info product – it has to live up to every promise you’ve made on the salespage! Create the product and as you go, make note of any further information that comes to mind during the creation process. Once your product fulfills every single angle discussed on the salespage, use those new notes to add even more to it. Try to find at least 4 or 5 more important points, areas to cover and/or questions to answer and add them to your product.

Always keep in mind that the easiest way to create a strong market for your next product is to heavily over-deliver on your current one!

Following those 6 steps fully will create a dynamite new product that really over-delivers – and as long as your actual knowledge of the subject is up to the task, you’ve created a masterpiece info product that can really help the people in your chosen target niche – one you’re proud to put your name on.

Does that mean you’ve just written a best-selling product that will propel you to the upper echelons and take you closer to your dream lifestyle? Unfortunately, no. Success of any given product online has less to do with the value of the content than with the sales funnel, affiliates, joint venture partners, release timing, bonuses, your opt-in list size and any myriad of other factors – factors way too numerous to cover in this post. Suffice it to say that a lot of garbage has sold well online and continues to sell today thanks to those factors while some really helpful gems twist on the vine, never really seeing the light of day.

What this product WILL do for you is show your expertise to those who DO read it, watch it or listen to it, and turn many of those into fans of your products, anxiously awaiting your next release. Once you have a product you feel is excellent, then focus on all those factors that make it sell better, from blogging, tweeting, article marketing and video submissions to firing up your affiliates and finding new JV partners willing to announce it to their own lists.

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