Telling Customers ‘NO’

This is never an easy task and is not exactly relished either. Telling a customer that they cannot have or do something that they want to can be difficult but it is manageable if you have the right attitude. Following are a few pieces of advice 7.62×39 hunting ammo designed to assist those who are uncomfortable saying no to customers.

Information is key. If you can reinforce your denial with at least one reason as to why you are denying the customer their desire they are far more likely to take that ‘no’ without making too much fuss. This is obviously not always the case because sometimes customers disagree with your explanation and that is when you have to rely on a handful of stock phrases, like ‘I’m terribly sorry but that’s the protocol, I have no power to change that’. Of course if you do have the power to alter such things as protocol but you simply don’t want to because that then raises the question why put systems in place at all, then you can’t use this excuse but you can then reach a compromise. This is a gem of a weapon because it does exactly what it says on the tin – gives both parties a little bit of what they want.

The other thing to make sure you do is remain positive with the tone of voice that you use. Staying happy and friendly for as long as possible, while also denying them what they want means that you have ammo stored in your arsenal. When you do finally let your temper slip slightly – never, ever let it go entirely – then the customer knows that they are pushing their limits and are not going to get what they want. Firmness is a sure-fire way to get your point across, losing your temper means you cannot think straight, it’s a natural factor of being human, but when you are representing a company you cannot afford to jeopardise their reputation.

Largely you’ll find that you do not need to be overly aggressive with anyone because the longer you work in customer service the more tips and tricks you pick up to keep customers calm and avoid problematic situations such as arguments. Also customers often are just trying their luck to see how far they can get; they don’t necessarily want what they are asking for, so a simple ‘no’ and an explanation is the only thing needed.

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